dinsdag 25 maart 2008

Yeah.....I will get the Naughty Nauticals very early!!

Thanks to my lovely friend from Singapore, next week I will be getting most items of the upcoming Mac collection, Naughty Nauticals!!!

These are the items I will receive:

Pigment bell bottom blue
Pigment mutiny
Pigment lark about
Eyeshadow illegal cargo
Eyeshadow meet the fleet
Eyeshadow pandemonium
Eyeshadow submarine
Lipstick ahoy there!
Lipstick buoy-o-buoy
Lipstick party mate
Lipstick port red
Lustreglass bateaux
Lustreglass ensign
Lustreglass hey, sailor
Lustreglass love knot

I'm looking forward to receiving all these great goodies and I will surely do a review about it as soon as I've received them!

Oh....and I will receive many Mac Dazzleglasses this and next week, so I will also do a short review about them and make some swatches!

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Wendy zei

Hi Lushious babe,

Wat een leuke beauty talk blog heb je hier :D
So lucky dat je zoveel binnenkrijgt van MAC ;)
Gisteren heb ik mijn 1e lipglass gekocht van MAC hehe, de Viva Glam van Fergie :)
Trouwens ben je ook een onwijze SATC fan? :D Me too!
Anyway ik spreek je nog wel op het forum!

Groetjes Wendy

Ps: Als je interesse hebt, kan je ook mijn weblog vinden op: